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In this free 12-day challenge, we will go through the tools and strategies you need to create a more profitable business. From learning how to attract your ideal client to creating consistent content, this challenge will give you the tools to set you up for success. 


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2 weeks. 12 lessons. A Facebook Group full of like-minded Entrepreneurs.

It starts on May 25th at 3 pm MT.

Instagram Marketing

Week 1: Messaging & Social Media

Lesson 1: Finding your Ideal Client

Lesson 2: Nailing your Messaging

Lesson 3: Branding for Bosses

Lesson 4: Using Instagram Stories to Build your Brand

Lesson 5: How to use Hashtags to Grow your Business

Lesson 6: Creating Connections through Instagram Direct Message

Week 2: Content Creation & Sales Funnels

Lesson 7: How to Create a Content Calendar

Lesson 8: How to Repurpose your Content

Lesson 9: Creating a Converting Freebie

Lesson 10: Nurturing Clients through Email Marketing

Lesson 11: Creating a Sales Funnel

Lesson 12: Putting it all together

Ready to get started? I am not sure when I will do this challenge again. The Clock is Ticking!

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Who's behind this challenge?

Hi, I'm Melissa Mitchell. With a background in Design & Sales, I decided to follow my curiosity to build the business of my dreams. Now, I help business owners take back time in their business by creating strategic content that generates them more leads and more engagement, while setting their marketing strategy on autopilot.

I understand how you feel… I have had my fair share of struggles as a business owner.  I have wasted time and money on countless tactics that got me to know where. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes.

I want to help you fast track your business! By taking my system and making it your own!

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